Monday, September 29, 2014

Quick Dinner recipe from JLGNF's "At Your Service" Cookbook

Rushing around the house, getting your kids to soccer practice and trying to prepare a healthy meal for your family can be quite a challenge. The JLGNF’s “At Your Service” Cookbook can help you and your family by offering delicious, quick and easy recipes that you can prepare ahead of time or on the same day. The Chicken Tetrazzini recipe on p.98 proved to a great recipe that our family will enjoy over and over again. I even used a store bought rotisserie chicken to speed up my time in the kitchen which is great way to incorporate flavor without compromising taste or quality.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Delicious Breakfast Treat from JLGNF's "At Your Service" Cookbook

Back to school means back to rushed morning routines for many of us. So why not slow down this weekend and enjoy a delicious and decadent breakfast treat?  Pain Perdu from At Your Service (p 46 ) is a simple and quick recipe that provides a tasty beginning to your day.
Pain perdu or "lost bread" in French, is a great way to reclaim stale or "lost" bread. The hard bread is softened by dipping in a mixture of egg, milk, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. The slices cut on a bias are pan-fried in butter and traditionally dusted with powdered sugar and served with jam or syrup on the side.