Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Introducing our Active Member Spotlight, Rachael Gibbs!

We're so happy to kickoff our Member Spotlight Series! Throughout the 2015-2016 League year, we will profile specific Members who are kicking butt and taking names – those who exemplify the very best of the Junior League of Gwinnett & North Fulton Counties and our Strong Girls, Bright Futures community impact focus.  

Our first Spotlight features Active Member, Rachael Gibbs.

"I'm thrilled that Rachael is being recognized! She has brought so much to JLGNF with her dedication to serve, enthusiasm for our mission and positive attitude!" - Molly Stone, 2015-2016 V.P. of Finance

About Rachael:

Current League Placement: Casino Royale 
Past League Placements: High Heels & High Times

Other volunteer organization involvement? GASPCA 
Currently resides in: Dacula, GA 
JLGNF Member since: Fall 2014
Current profession: Preschool/Daycare Owner
Tell us about your family: I have a husband (Derreck), two daughters (Kristen & Madelyn), and two dogs (Charlie & Oliver) 
Why did you join JLGNF? To meet like-mind, strong women that I can work closely with to make a difference in our community
What is your greatest life accomplishment? My family 
What is your favorite activity or hobby? Vacationing with my kids 
What about our community focus “Strong Girls, Bright Futures” resonates with you? The more girls who realize at a young age that they are strong, smart, and awesome, the brighter their futures will be. I know that women (including myself) could have benefited from having more self esteem and more activities geared toward building a brighter future for girls when we were younger. 
What’s your favorite part of JLGNF? Bonding while we work and give back!