Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Girl's Night Out!

In addition to all of the good things the JLGNF do within the community, we like to have fun together too. Just this past week, a group of us got together for dinner and a movie. Of course it was Breaking Dawn Part 2! But where are the t-shirts ladies?

In the past we've gone for wine tastings, painting, a ghost tour, the Susan G. Koman Race For the Cure, Brave's games and many other things. What sort of activities would you like to see us do as a league? Tell us in the comments.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Northside Woman Celebrates Thanksgiving with the JLGNF

With Thanksgiving upon us and holiday gatherings in full-swing, Katie VanBrackle at  Northside Woman decided to put our tried and true "At Your Service" to work. Listed within the article are enough of our cherished recipes to prepare a fabulous holiday feast of your own. This year we're thankful for all of you, so enjoy!

Notice the ending sentiment, "..as any good Southern hostess will tell you, if the recipe comes from a Junior League cookbook, you can’t go wrong!" We could not agree more, Katie!

Read the full article here. Purchase your copy of "At Your Service" here.

Your Southern Peach Reviews "At Your Service"


Recently, we asked local blogger and League friend, Your Southern Peach, to review our beloved cookbook. We could not wait to hear her unique take on the book and she did not disappoint! We love how she highlighted what an asset the book is when planning a gathering. From pre-planned menus to entertaining tips, "At Your Service" should be a go-to for every hostess (and host!).

We recommend following Amy's blog on a regular basis while she shares her insight on decorating, entertaining, family and her killer fashion sense. A peach indeed!

Please read her review of "At Your Service" here and purchase your copy of the cookbook here.