Monday, January 30, 2012

Q& A with Sarah McWhorter

·      What do you do from 9-5? 
Although I went to college to be a dental hygienist I am currently an office manager for a periodontal office.  I work from home remotely, for an office located in Frederick, Maryland.
·      Where did you grow up?
 I was born in St. Augustine, FL and lived there most of my childhood.  I briefly lived in Tampa, FL and then Columbus, GA before moving to Macon where I finished high school.  My parents still live there now.
·      Do you have any children, pets, or a spouse?
I have a wonderful husband of 10 years named Dan and then two beautiful little girls, Avery and Laurel, who are the lights of my life!  Oh, and I must not forget my “dog-baby” Stewie.  He is an 8 year old Italian Greyhound.
·      How many years have you been in JLGNF for?  Have you been a member of any other Junior Leagues? 
I transferred into this JL 3 years ago and was a member of the Junior League in Lehigh Valley, PA prior to that.
·      What do you like to do in your free time?
 In my free time I like to be outside doing something with my family or friends. 
·      What is your dream career? 
I would like to run my own business-not sure what kind of business that would be though.
·      What is your favorite JLGNF memory? 
I really enjoyed working with the children at the Drake House.  A couple of years ago, I helped with an Easter Egg hunt and really enjoyed seeing the children’s faces as they found each egg and participated in all of the activities.
·      Who is the JLGNF member you admire the most and why? 
I would say Amy Jackson.  I know that she is not a member of our JL anymore but I am sure everyone knows her.  She did such an awesome job of balancing her busy family life with her JL responsibilities and always offered such great advise and insight.  She was so much fun to work with and was always willing to help!